The BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY for Marketers in the US and CANADA in 2021 is Providing...


for Local Businesses

5 Day Launch

Launch Date: 2nd July 2021 10am EST

Over $1K in prizes

Earn up to $177 per Customer

Business Missing Out Massively

Local businesses in the US alone receive over 150 million text messages sent to their landlines every day that they never see

Done for you service provides seamless automation so a business never misses a call, lead, or sale WITH NO CHANGE TO THEIR EXISTING TELECOMS PROVIDER

If there is an easier way to generate long term recurring monthly fees...

 I am yet to see it!

  • Done for you Solution
  • No change to the telecoms service
  • No hardware to install
  • No fulfilment, we do the work
  • Advanced automation using 2-way text messages
  • Comprehensive 2 way SMS marketing platform Included
  • No 3rd Party Integrations Required

Now more than ever businesses need all the help they can get

Enabling their landline to receive text message enquires is a NO BRAINER FOOT IN THE DOOR SERVICE ANYONE CAN SELL

Ask yourself

As a business owner, would you continue to provide a less than perfect service and risk losing unhappy customers

Or do you add powerful SMS text message automation and go from not delivered to a professional response that delivers results

We make it easy for customers to contact a business and we provide a range of done for you services so more customers visit the business more often

Use the automated reply bot as a foot in the door service

Create a bespoke solution based on the individual business requirements using our advanced AI 2-way chat bot technology

It’s a win win situation

The business never misses a call, sales enquiry, or customer service request

The consultant makes an easy foot in the door sale every business needs and for a suggested $47 set up fee and $47 - $97 per month, there is not a lot to think about as a business owner

Here is an example of our ENTRY LEVEL automated reply service

We can enable 95% of all business landlines within 24-48 hours

No fulfilment for the consultant, we do the work, all we need is proof of ownership of the landline

The automation takes minutes to set up and is tailored to the Individual business services

In this example, we have created 3 options to help direct the customer and provide a positive outcome

Create the automation based on the exact requirements of each business and provide a personal service

The service is triggered on any word or phrase sent as a text to the business landline

In this example

We have created a VIP rewards club and this business has a customer support department

The automated reply provides further information for all 3 options and this can be easily designed to cater for any individual business requirements

Below you can see the automated replies set up in the system


Call Back

VIP Club


Seamless Automation

The business never misses a call, gains a valuable VIP club member and customers requesting support are directed to the support desk on complete autopilot

For the vast majority of small to medium businesses

This automation can save them hours and hours spent answering calls

Generate ADDITIONAL real enquires, leads and sales ON AUTOPILOT

Keep happy customers coming back for more

Painting by numbers easy to set up

We understand most marketers are not technical and we have created a system that anyone regardless of experience or technical knowledge can set up in 15 minutes and be ready to go

We provide the landing page templates and the chat flow messages in our comprehensive members area so all you need to do is copy and paste to your own site as you can see in the live demo 

But we don’t stop here!

We include a state-of-the-art SMS text message platform built using advanced 2-way AI technology with no 3rd party integrations required

  • Convert cold leads to paying customers
  • Engage and incentivise existing customers
  • Deliver targeted offers to 1000s
  • Create set and forget autoresponder campaigns
  • Create branded VIP reward clubs

This offer presents a real solution to help local businesses make more money from their existing customers

Its quick and easy to set up

Provides a real opportunity for your customers to make a full time income working part time hours providing a much needed service that 90% of all local businesses need that just flat out works and produces outstanding results

It’s a complete system ready to go with outstanding features

As a limited time ADDITIONAL LAUNCH BONUS...

We are also including our exclusive VIP Rewards Club resources genuinely worth hundreds of dollars

Flyers, Posters, social media banners and covers

Each template is fully editable, simply login to our account, edit the template adding your clients logo, exclusive telephone number and keyword, send to print and upload to your clients social media

Get ready for insane conversions and EPCs with our PROVEN TO CONVERT Highly congruent funnel

Our previous launch for our Restaurant Connect SMS service achieved over $30 EPCs from a $27 front end cost and this offer has mass appeal with 90% of all local businesses missing out on text message enquires sent to their landline

Advanced License – Up to 5 Client Accounts

$27 – 50% Commission

Includes a fully featured SMS text message marketing platform, Branded VIP Club and unlimited access to a wealth of done for you marketing resources for up to 5 client accounts

This is the entry level app which can create a great part-time income but because this service works like gangbusters and requires very little “work” once the system is set up the upgrade to the Enterprise License is highly recommended during this launch offer pricing and a great angle for your promo

OTO1 Enterprise LicenseUnlimited Accounts

$47 – 50% Commission

This system sells and more importantly produces results for businesses month after month so once your customer has 5 clients, they are most likely going to stick around for the long run and why wouldnt they if they are seeing great results

This upgrade is essential to provide unlimited clients, even adding 5 more clients to the 5 allowed in the advanced license can result in additional monthly income of $1500 - $2000 for an additional investment of just $47

OTO2 Inboxingpro Enterprise X – Unlimited Clients

$47 – 50% Commission

Our flagship autoresponder app provides cross channel marketing at its best

 Fully featured combined email and SMS platform in 1 dashboard and includes unlimited SMS and email features for up to 100,000 contacts

Collect the  contact details and add to the email list and an SMS phone book contact list seamlessly and create cross channel messaging

Use the chat bots to generate leads and follow up with automated email campaigns

OTO 3 Agency License reseller 50

$197 – 30% Commission

This takes the local marketer to another level and adds a fantastic additional revenue opportunity

With this license your customers can issue up to 50 of their clients with their own app access and make 100% profit of the license fee

Additionally, the reseller can make profits from selling credits directly because we have removed the buy credits link from the navigation so a very easy way to generate monthly recurring income with very little actual work required

OTO 4 12 Months Specialist email Hosting

$158.75 - 30% Commission

We provide a unique offer that provides hosting on super-fast SSD servers, a dedicated IP and full cPanel access

This is a very clever way to provide lower cost hosting using our own platform to get outstanding email delivery using a dedicated IP and full cPanel access

This unique hosting package is designed to ensure your customers sending reputation is protected and improved and can save the hundreds of dollars

OTO 5 VIP Club 6 Pack

$17 – 50% Commission

Great opportunity to get 6 more "done for you" VIP club resources and include printed template and social media banners in the popular local business types



Hair Salon


Pet Supplies

Takeaway food

OTO 6 BOGOF 100 Credit Offer

$17 – 50% Commission

Extend the Buy One Get One Free launch bonus with a no brainer offer.

Your customers can get an additional free bonus up to $100 when they purchase additional sending credits.

Credits can be used directly, given away, sold to clients at whatever price your customers decide or used in free 7-day trials to secure long term clients

Over $1K in Affiliate CASH PRIZES

48 Hours Early Bird Contest

Starts 2nd July 10am EST Closes 4th July 10am EST

Individuals Only

Must earn at least the amount of prize money for the full prize, if not the prize will equal the commission earned

1st Prize £200

2nd Prize $50

3rd Prize $25

Main Contest

Starts 2nd July 10am EST Closes 7th July 10am EST

Minimum 30 Front End Sales to qualify for any prize

Individuals Only

1st Prize £300

2nd Prize $100

3rd Prize $75

4th Prize $50

5th Prize $25

48 Hour Closing Contest

Starts 5th July 10am EST – Closes 7th July 0959 EST

Individuals Only

Must earn at least the amount of prize money for the full prize, if not the prize will equal the commission earned

All prizes paid at the end of the launch

1st Prize £200

2nd Prize $50

3rd Prize $25

All that is left to do now is book the date in your calendar and get ready for a red-hot launch that will produce outstanding results for you

 and provide outstanding value for your customers

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