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Subject:   Text enabled landlines for US & Canada

Did you know there are over 150 million text messages sent to US businesses each day that don’t have text enabled landlines, so they never get the message

This presents a massive opportunity for savvy marketers to provide a simple service every business need and more importantly CAN EASILY AFFORD

There is a brand-new service launching tomorrow on a very special launch discount that provides a complete done for you service that you can sell to any local business

Done for you Solution

No change to the telecoms service

No hardware to install

No fulfilment, we do the work

Advanced automation using 2-way text messages

Comprehensive 2-way SMS marketing platform Included

No 3rd Party Integrations Required

This is a massive market with 90% of all local business unable to send or receive text messages and this must be the easiest way to generate long term monthly fees from very happy clients

Not a lot not to like about providing a better service to the business customers and generating new leads and sales for the business owner using advanced 2-way SMS AI automation

Look out for my email tomorrow with a link to get the information, see the service in action in a real time demo and a link to make sure you get the lowest price during this special launch